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Master Classes round out the singer's training by dealing with aspects of vocal style and stage performance. Different types of masterclasses are scheduled on an as-needed basis and advertised independently during the semester.  Master Classes are on hold and will start again summer of 2021. Check back in March for registration information.  

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Performance Techniques for the *CCM Singer
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Next course starts Jun 1!

Emily Castleton has extensive teaching experience over the past 26 years. With degrees in Contemporary Voice and Opera, Emily teaches all styles. Emily currently serves as a member of the Teaching Voice Faculty at Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA. and is pursuing a doctorate in contemporary voice pedagogy. Also, Emily taught at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah for 17 years, working with Musical-Dance-Theater and Commercial Music Majors and pre-majors. She is also a Certified NCVS trained Vocologist.  She has performed professionally in regional theaters and theaters all over the western United States, Europe, and the Middle East. As a studio recording artist, Emily has recorded on albums and films. Emily has studied with many of the great Contemporary Vocal Pedagogues and Masters of our time such as Mary Saunders Barton (Penn State), Matt Edwards (Shenandoah University), Gayle Lockwood (BYU), Seth Riggs (LA, Speech Level Singing), Jeffrey Skouson (Las Vegas, IVA), Jan Sullivan (BYU, Colorado State), and more.  Emily's current and former students perform all over the world, on Broadway, in Broadway touring companies, in regional theaters, on cruise ships, on film, as recording artists, as lead singers in bands, and teach at the private studio, high school, and university levels. 

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Group lessons aim to reinforce all that is learned in private lessons, but also add:
Peer Analysis: Analyzing the performance of others accelerates understanding of vocal technique and style application in the individual singer. The singer learns to articulate what they see in others and how that applies to their own singing.
Peer Review:  Receiving constructive feedback from other students creates a humility and openness in singers and gives them a chance to receive praise and constructive suggestions for improvement. 
Performance conditioning: Students learn to integrate the extrasensory stimulus encountered in a live performance setting and to manage psychological aspects of performing. 

​Group lessons are on hold and will start again summer of 2021. Check back in March for registration information.  

Functional voice training: in Mix, Belt and Contemporary Legit applied to all contemporary voice genres and styles including: musical theater, pop, jazz, country, R&B, folk, Rock and Roll, and more. 
Voice Conditioning Exercises: build range, even scale, balanced breath, dynamic control, agility, body awareness, vowel shaping & equalization, diction precision, ease and confidence in vocal production. 
Song Work: builds repertoire, style, performance skills and applies techniques learned in conditioning exercises
Additional Principles Include: artist and genre analysis, ear training, rhythm, riffing, scream, voice malfunction, healthy speaking voice, vocal anatomy, physiology, acoustics​​

Studios located in Provo, Utah and Winchester, VA. 

Superior training for Teachers and Singers in Contemporary and Classical Voice